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[I don't know who is author of this note. And I apologize for my english.]

Someone thinks, that Russian language is more logical than others. But try to explain to the Frenchman why the glass is standing on the table, the fork is lying and the bird on the tree is sitting.

About the glass and the fork I've built a theory immediately: Which is more vertical than horizontal is standing; which is more horizontal than vertical is lying. At the same moment my theory was broken on the plate. The plate is more horizontal than vertical, but it is standing. Although, if you flip it, it will lie. At once on the move displays an another theory: the plate is standing, because it has a foundation, that is on the bottom. The theory immediately breaks in the trash on the pan - it does not have a base, but it's still worth it. Wonders. Although if you stick it in the sink, and there it will lie, while taking a more vertical position than on the table. Hence the conclusion that everything, which is ready for use, is standing. (At this point, I want to say vulgar.)

But here we take one more thing - the ordinary child ball. It isn't horizontal, isn't vertical, but fully ready to use. And whosoever shall say that there, in the corner, the ball is standing? If the ball does not fulfill the role of dolls and if is not punished, it still lying. And even if it is carried over to the table, on the table (a miracle!) it will lie.
Complicate the problem - put the ball into the plate, and the plate in the pan. Now we have the ball, still lying (in the plate), a pan is still standing (on the table), the question of what the plate does?

If a Frenchman is still waiting to hear an explanation to the end, it's over, all his world will never be the same again. In it appeared plates and pans, which are able to stand and lie down - the world became alive. It remains to add that we have birds sitting. On a branch, on the windowsill and even on the sidewalk. The Frenchman will draw in his mind a bird sitting on a branch on the fifth point and its' legs, hanging out in the air, or the vagabond raven, sitting, stretching its legs and wings outspread, in the subway station.

"Russians - you are insane, crazy!", - will say the Frenchman, will throw a textbook in you, and will be right ;)


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Yakovleva Galina Vladimirovna
Hi, I'm from St. Petersburg. I'm studying Mechatronics and Robotic Systems at Baltic State Technical University "VoenMeh".
I love Star Wars, especially the Old Republic Era. Sometimes I translate in russian an articles on Wookieepedia [Star Wars Wiki] and some of SW book covers.

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